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Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach


I believe we are capable of creating the life of our dreams by tapping into the root cause of our problems and by shifting our energy in the right direction.

I have to be honest, though. I haven't always believed this. As a matter of fact, my whole perspective of life started changing about 10 years ago, when I suffered from a host of problems from sleepless nights, anxiety, eczema, hormonal imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, adult acne and gut issues to unexplained infertility. I really wanted to have a baby and my body was not working with me  to be able to get there. And although all of these symptoms are correlated, I didn't know this at that time. My whole body was telling me to stop and take care of my health before it gets even more serious. I have struggled with unexplained infertility for 4 years and although every test that both my husband and I have done came back normal, I was still not conceiving and the frustration was rising with every month that went by. After seeing doctors upon doctors for my problems with no results,  I decided to do my own research and that is when I learned about all the effects that nutrition and self care can have on my body. Getting to the root cause of my problem became my main focus. I followed nutrition experts, watched documentaries about health and nutrition, read books about health and nutrition, enrolled in programs and started seeing naturopathic doctors and holistic practitioners.

I have decided that I want to share everything that I have learned with the whole world so that everybody could apply the similar principals to their lives. This is when enrolled in a nutrition program to become a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach. 

Now that I look back, I know it was such a pivotal moment for me, because I realized how everything was interrelated, my inner world was codependent of my outer world and all of it had a huge impact on my health. 

These were the breakthrough realizations for me:

I realized that I was the only one who can take radical responsibility for my own health.


I realized that I was the only one who could decide to live my best life.


I realized that happiness starts with me and that I have to stop looking for it outside of me.

I realized that if I heal my inner self, I will heal my outer self with it.

My body and my soul were craving this healing so I decided to listen to it.


I decided to listen to my intuition

And never in my wildest dreams have I thought that by doing this, it will lead me to find myself, trust myself and heal myself. But it worked. Life is definitely not linear, but by learning how to deal with stressful situations, learning how to use nutrition to build a strong immune system, will help you to get over life's challenges with much more ease. Let me teach you.

Work with me

I can teach you all the steps to heal your life too. Let's connect and start creating the healthiest you.

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