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Fertility is a sign of your overall health

A workshop about maximizing your chances of conception by tapping into the root cause through lifestyle changes, nutrition, and healthy habit hacks

This workshop is for you if you:

  • have been struggling to get pregnant for a while without success

  • if you have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility

  • if you are going through IVF treatments

  • if you are suffering from recurring miscarriages

  • if you feel the need to connect with women who go through the same journey as you and understand you like no-one else does



I am here to tell you that I too, have been struggling for 4 years to become pregnant with my first child and the journey was very painful. I felt alone, lost, not understood, confused and bombarded with so many information coming from all parts: friend, family, doctors, specialists, " doctor Google", books, documentaries. 

I finally found peace when I joined a group of women who were going through very similar journeys. All of a sudden I felt understood, less alone and supported. It felt amazing. 

This is one reason that I have decided to create this workshop - in person and on-line. I wanted to create a space where women feel safe, understood, not judged and can support each other on this very unique and intimate journey that each and every one of us goes through. 

I went on to study health and nutrition to better understand my body and how to heal it and throughout my years of studying I learned that our bodies are amazing, magical vessels that are capable of healing given the right tools. When we take care of our bodies, our bodies will take care of us.

You will hear about my journey to motherhood  and how I decided to focus my energy on doing just that: to heal my body first which ultimately led me to successfully become pregnant twice. Today, I have two beautiful boys that I am in love spending my time and life with. I continue to live a healthy and holistic life and I am determined to help any women struggling with fertility issues and interested in learning a holistic approach to reaching their goal of becoming pregnant.

In this workshop I want to teach you all that I have learned throughout the years. I want to teach you about how to connect to yourself, how to deepen your knowledge about your cycle and your feminine power, about how exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can increase of your chances of conception. I will teach you tools that you can implement in the fast paced life that most of us live in today.

We will talk about everything that affects fertility and conception:

  • Digestive health and the health of the microbiome

  • Liver health and its capacity to metabolize hormones, medicine and toxins

  • Insulin resistance, blood sugar and metabolic health

  • Stress and the importance of mental-emotional balance

  • Toxins and its effects on the body and the reproductive system

  • What to eat to optimize your fertility

  • Superfoods

  • Supplements

  • Relationships

  • Movement/exercise

  • Sleep and rest

  • Self-care

  • Stress

  • Career

When we decide to bring a new life into our world, the magic already starts to happen by planting the seed of will.

In order to help this magic happen, we need to maximize all possibilities by giving this one magical being we are ready for in our lives, the best possible chance.

In this workshop I will do just that.  I teach you all the tools that maximize your chances of achieving pregnancy by implementing steps that will lead to your overall health and will most likely help you reach your goal of becoming pregnant.


I cannot wait to share with you all this information and help you achieve your dream of becoming a mama.


In Person Fertility Workshop

 This workshop is an in person workshop that will take place at The Sanctuary Tahoe -205 Stateline Rd. Kings Beach, CA 96143 - and it will be 3 hours long. The cost for the workshop is $150.

I am so excited for you

Fill in the details bellow to sign up for the in-person Fertility Workshop 

Online Fertility Workshop

This is a 90 minutes workshop valued at $44

Fill in the details bellow to sign up for the online Fertility Workshop 

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